Affliction Hunter

Find Your Affliction

Affliction Hunter is a blog dedicated to living life despite mental illness. It’s also a journey of self-reflection. See, I don’t write this blog because I’ve overcome my afflictions; I write here because I haven’t. At least, not yet. This is a place where I feel safe. I feel I can be honest about my own bouts of mental illness. I don’t know who will see this. All I know is that I need to write. It’s a great form of relief.

I know that something is wrong with me. I know my mind is trapped in certain patterns of thought that tend toward the negative. I can’t declare a definitive diagnosis. I must leave that to the professionals. But until I’m brave enough to seek help, I can only speculate. Affliction Hunter is my attempt at trying to figure out exactly what’s wrong. I will never be able to self-diagnose and I definitely do not recommend it. But I will make speculations as I try to communicate with my wounded self.

This blog may go to dark places, but that’s just because mental illness isn’t pretty. I don’t want to hide the ugly parts. I don’t want to hide the scars. I don’t want to hide the wounds that are still gaping and fresh. Heaven knows I do enough hiding. Here is where I can finally lay it all down. Here is where I will try to hunt my afflictions, to name them in the light.

I am going to try to figure out what’s wrong with me. And should you come along for the ride, I welcome you. Also, I want this to be a safe space for anyone who reads. Whether you relate to what I write or not, just know that I write so that you may feel less alone. I want to spread the message that you don’t have to keep everything trapped within. Even if you can’t talk to anyone, it’s okay to write. It’s okay to express.

I offer you a hug if you want one. And a cup of coffee.

Thank you for understanding.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Cherry, would it be possible to send a private message? I had a question that I would really appreciate your opinion on. Do let me know me either way if you would be comfortable with it.


    1. As an addendum to my last comment, I don’t believe there’s an internal way to connect through WordPress, itself, so I did update this blog with a contact page to reach me for private messaging. Thank you!


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